ImaginePhD Data Request Form

e.g. for publication, use in presentation, program evaluation, etc.

If you intend to use the data for presentations, please specify the specific audience and setting you'll present to (i.e., professional society meeting, campus presentation, etc.)

Note that only aggregate data will be shared.

Please note that we need at least 7 business days to process your request.

Institutions and organizations sponsoring at the Silver ($5,000) Level and above already receive an annual report for the first three years following their original sponsorship. Annual reports summarizing an institution’s user participation in ImaginePhD will include de-identified user data in aggregate categories to ensure the participants’ anonymity.

The additional annual report fees are as the follows:

  • $800 for additional reports (for Silver Level and above)
  • $1,000 for sponsoring institutions Bronze Level and Below
  • $1,500 for non-sponsoring institutions

Please contact us, for more information.