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Following a similar process that resulted in the creation of the myIDP online career tool for STEM fields, the ImaginePhD team engaged “experts” to complete surveys to gather data to match skills and interests to sixteen job families. To determine the appropriate experts sample size and make-up, Professor Fred Oswald, PhD, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Rice University, was consulted. Based on his recommendations, the ImaginePhD team identified 30 experts whose qualifications included having been in their role for 5 years or more, having experience providing career advising to PhDs in the humanities and social sciences for a broad array of careers, or were members of appropriate professional societies or organizations, or were themselves PhDs from the humanities or social sciences in a variety of careers.

Expert Affiliation Background
David Attis Education Advisory Board PhD, History
Al Aubin University of California, Los Angeles EdD, Higher Education
Joseph Barber University of Pennsylvania PhD, Animal Behavior
Rachel Bernard American Council of Learned Societies PhD, American History
Victoria Blodgett UConn Med, Curriculum and Instruction
Melissa Bostrom Duke University PhD, English
Stephanie Eberle Stanford University MEd, Psych & Sociology
Chris Golde Stanford University PhD, Education
Andrew Green University of California, Berkeley Humanities PhD
Stacy Hartman Modern Language Association PhD, German Studies
Alfreda James Stony Brook University, New York PhD, American History
Christine Kelly Claremont Graduate University PhD, Communication
Richard Kurz The City University of New York PhD, International Relations
Dana Landis Korn Ferry PhD, Clinical Psychology
Sue Levine Brandeis University MEd, Higher Education
Lesley Lundeen University of Chicago MA, Classical Studies
Rosanne Lurie University of Pennsylvania MS, Career Counseling
Lorna MacEachern McGill University MA, Counseling Psychology
Annie Maxfield University of California, Los Angeles MS, Communication
Julia McAnallen Michigan State University PhD, Slavic Linguistics
Paul Miceli Genworth Mortgage Insurance PhD, Social Psychology
Amy Pszczolkowski Princeton University MS, Higher Education
Ruth Schemmer Vanderbilt University PhD, Sociology
Hadass Sheffer President at The Graduate! Network, Inc. C. PhD, Linguistics and MBA
Val Sheppard University of California, Los Angeles PhD, English
Laura Stark Harvard University PhD, Neuroscience
Julie Vick University of Pennsylvania MA, Folklore & Folklife
Larry Westfell Notre Dame MBA
Fatimah Williams Castro Beyond the Tenure Track PhD, Cultural Anthropology
Maren Wood Lilli Research Group PhD, Early American History